Electric Piston Pumps


The pump is a plunger pump, it needs to be driven by a motor and recommend using electric motor. These pumps can be used on wellhead control panel systems, Power packs on high-torque service tools. The pump application medium is hydraulic oil and it needs to be installed at a lower position than the tank. Before starting the pump, you must vent the air in the pump chamber.

Manual Pumps & Electrical Pumps

Electric Piston Pumps


HYDR-STAR electric piston pump is a small swash plate multi-piston pump with high pressure, flow rate of 0.20~2.0 L/Min and pressure output of 5000~15000psi.


»HYDR-STAR electric piston pump can be used in hydraulic oil media with a maximum output pressure of up to 15,000 psi (104 MPa).
»HYDR-STAR electric piston pump has high volumetric efficiency, hydraulic clearance seal design and long service life.
»HYDR-STAR electric plunger pump is compact and easy to install.
»The power source of the jack,
»The power source of the bolt tensioner,
»Portable hydraulic station,
»Valve opening and closing control power source, wellhead control panel power source or backup power source......