High Pumps & Boosters

Air-driven liquid pumps are available in three series: AHP03, AHP06, and AHP10. They can transport liquid media and gas-liquid mixtures (such as Freon). Air-driven gas boosters are available in two series: AGB06 and AGB10. They can compress and transport air, nitrogen, argon, CO2, and other high-purity gases. Manual pumps are available in two series: single-stage and two-stage pumps, with four pressure levels: 6000psi, 10000psi, 20000psi, and 30000psi, and optional configurations such as pressure relief valves and overflow valves. The electric piston pump is a 4-plunger inclined disc piston pump with a ball seat type one-way valve at the inlet and outlet. It has five flow rates to choose from and three pressure levels of 6000psi, 10000psi, and 15000psi.


We have air-driven liquid pumps, air-driven gas boosters, electric pumps, and manual pumps with different pressure and flow levels.

The high-pressure pump and gas booster have a long service life, can transport most of the liquid and gas, have high output pressure, simple control, convenient maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, and are suitable for working conditions requiring high pressure and small flow.