Manual Pump

These pumps provide a low cost efficient means for manually increasing pressure in a hydraulic system where emergency standby power is needed. Before increasing pressure, please use the handlebar to close the vent valve if there is one.

Manual Pumps & Electrical Pumps

Manual Pump


»Can be used for most liquids such as oil or water. It has a variety of working pressures and a maximum output pressure of up to 30,000 psi (207 MPa).
» There are single-stage pump and double-stage pump (low pressure and large flow, high pressure and small flow, automatic switching between these two states during operation), and there are optional configurations such as pressure unload valve and relief valve.
»The Manual pump is equipped with a handlebar.
» These pumps are available in all stainless steel hand pumps.
Can be repaired without removing the pump from system.
»Replaceable pump spool. 
»Piston hardened and ground.
»26.5" handlebar reduces the operating force.

Performance and Specification


Standard pump working Temperature range from -29℃ to 120℃.
Other sizes and types available upon Request. For special requirements, please contact us.

  • The power source of the jack,
  • The power source of the bolt tensioner,
  • Portable hydraulic station,
  • Valve opening and closing control power source, wellhead control panel power source or backup power source......
  • The source of pressure for manual pressure testing equipment.