Interface Valve

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»316 stainless steel construction (models to NACE MR- 0175 available). 
»Large spring load assures fast system response. 
»Smooth ball seal assures zero leakage and long life . 
»Manual override handle available.



3-way Interface Valves are normally closed block and bleed Hydraulic Controllers. They allow the system to control Hydraulic pressures as high as 10,000 psi with a relatively low Pilot Supply Hydraulic or Pneumatic pressure. 

2-way Interface Valves are normally opened or closed Hydraulic Controllers. They are designed to block incoming hydraulic Supply pressure with a relatively low Pilot Hydraulic or Pneumatic pressure. Valves with manual handles can be operated by the handle. when there is no pilot pressure.

Construction & Specifications


2-way Interface Valves



*D for 20000 psig valve only, E for 30000 psig valve only, F and G for High Pressure Pilot Valve only. 
Other sizes and types available upon request.For special requirements, please contact us.

Repair Kit

Repair kit:Contains all seals.