Shuttle Valve

Delivery 6~8 weeks after PO


»316 stainless steel construction. 
»Large CV factor assures fast system response. 
»Small operating noise. 
»May be used in pneumatic or hydraulic systems. 
»Type to NACE MR-0175 available.



The Shuttle Valve is a two inlet, one outlet device utilizing a free moving shuttle which blocks one of two inlet ports while allowing the unblocked inlet port to flow to the outlet .When a pressure signal is applied to one of the inlet ports,the shuttle shifts blocking off the opposite inlet port and flow goes through the outlet.

Construction & Specifications


High Pressure Hydraulic Valve


10000 psig just for hydraulic valves.Other sizes and types available upon request. For special requirements, please contact us.

Repair Kit

Repair kit:Contains all seals.