Hydraulic Regulator

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»316 stainless steel construction makes the valve has good corrosion resistance. 
»Main valve metal to metal seal. 
»Maximum inlet pressure:10000 psig(689 bar). 
»Six outlet pressure ranges: B(200-10000 psig)、C(50-6000 psig)、D(25-4000 psig)、E(15-2500 psig)、F(5-800 psig)、G(5-300 psig). 
»Working temperature:-15°F~165°F(-26℃~74℃). 
»Spring loaded pressure reducing regulator. 
»Piston-sensed design ensures safety and reliability 
»Downstream pressure vent(relief) port optional. 
»Flow coefficient : 0.12



Turning the handle clockwise will increase the spring exerted tension to increase the regulator output pressure. Rotating the handle counter-clockwise will decrease the regulator output pressure. When the downstream pressure is higher than the set pressure the downstream pressure will relief from the vent port.

Construction & Specifications

Typical Flow Chart