Gauge Valve

Delivery 6~8 weeks after PO


»316 stainless steel construction. 
»Prevents galling due to the no-rotation stem. 
»Packing blow stem threads designed for reliable sealing. 
»Vee or Regulating stem for flow control and shut-off. 
»Working temperature ranges from -100°F to 450°F(-73℃ to 232℃) for standard valves with PTFE packing. And other packing materials available, such as graphite. 
»Gland locking device prevent loosening of the packing gland.


Construction & Specifications

Ordering Code


1. MN means male NPT . FN means female NPT. 
2. Ordering codes listed are standard. Other sizes, materials and types are available upon request. For special requirements,please contact us.