Free Warranty Service

HYDR-STAR provides after-sales service for all its products. The warranty period of the equipment is 1 year (seals and wearing parts are not covered by the warranty). As long as your equipment in the warranty period, meet the warranty conditions, can enjoy our free warranty service. Service contents include:

Consulting service: provide you with free technical advice, technical guidance, help to make spare parts plan, make operation specifications, etc.

Product breakdown maintenance: in case of failure within the product warranty period, we will timely analyze and troubleshoot the product failure;

Service from original manufacturer: you can enjoy our perfect after-sales service and technical support when you purchase our components or equipment.For the following circumstances, our company cannot provide free warranty, but you can enjoy reasonable paid service. »Failure to use, maintain or improperly keep the product in accordance with the instructions.
»The damage is not caused by the demolition of our company's personnel.
»Damage caused by force majeure.
»Seals and wearing parts are not covered by the warranty.

No matter you are before or after purchase, you only need to call our customer service number for consultation, and then you will get detailed introduction of the operation and maintenance of the product from our service engineer.

Depot Repair

Hydrstar has experienced after-sales service team, perfect testing equipment, complete spare parts in stock and other parts of original manufacturers. You can rest assured to send the products that need to be repaired to our company. Our professional service team will analyze, propose solutions, solve the problems for you as soon as possible and send them back. Not only for you to save time and cost, service engineers will also provide you with valuable maintenance advice.

Field Service

Our experienced and competent specialists undertake the assembly and initial commissioning of your plant directly on site. We carefully check and optimize every single parameter for the production.

You save time and costs from the start through our competent induction courses about products. Our experts will give you valuable tips about using and maintaining your machine within the familiarization´s framework. You will increase your plant´s service life, prevent unnecessary standstills and protect your investment over the long term in this way.