Spare Parts Service

Irrespective of which product you have purchased from us, we know which spare parts you need and we will deliver these directly to you by sea freight, air freight and express courier service worldwide.

Origin of spare parts

Our core spare parts, such as seals and springs, are mainly from USA or Europe. Spare parts are supplied to all customers in Service Kit. In order to ensure the quality and stability of the products, please contact our sales staff to ensure that all the spare parts are provided by the original factory.

Spare parts delivery date

Hydrstar selling goods to a certain amount of spare parts in stock, but not all of the products of spare parts in stock at any time.Some spare parts we need to imports from the us or Europe,So there is no in stock of spare parts of our normal delivery time for 8 ~ 12 weeks,Keep a stock of spare parts spare parts delivery time is 1 ~ 2 weeks.